What's been said about us.
- Immocontact, the efficient way to communicate for the real estate agent
- One more tool for the tool box!
- Your new innovative version of Matrix is mind-blowing!
- Congratulations!
- It's quick!
- Immocontact, so many advantages!
- It's time saving for us!
- "What an amazing time saver!"
- "Immocontact is fantastic!"
- "I love when technology is not only very useful, but also very user friendly!"
  • "Immocontact, the efficient way to communicate for the real estate agent"
    Linda Hélie, Realtor, Re/Max Extra

    " As soon as Immocontact was implemented I started using it. I am saving so much time compared to before when I had to leave messages with secretaries.

    I was always on hold, and my message was not always sent the way I wanted it to be. Now it only takes me 5 minutes to do my showing requests as opposed to 30 before, which is very appreciated. No more waiting on the line and the message is always accurate.

    Before I had a pager and a cell phone, now , I have a cellular phone with text messages. I receive my requests directly on my cell phone and only pay for one service. It's difficult to go back once you've known communication this efficient.

    At last, someone who has seen to the real estate agent's needs, this service should have been invented eons ago. Bravo! "
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  • "One more tool for the tool box!"
    Pierre Lafond, former president of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board

    " For the Board, the agreement with Immocontact was a concrete way to provide support to our members by giving them one more tool for their tool box. This tool will enable them to achieve their professional goals in a more efficient way. "
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  • "Your new innovative version of Matrix is mind-blowing!"
    Chantal Girouard, Realtor, Re/Max Extra

    " I would like to congratulate you on Immocontact. I am so happy with this invention. My work load has been reduced by at least 50%.

    No more waiting on hold or collecting paper messages. Your new innovative version of Matrix is mind blowing! Keep up the good work ! "
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  • "Congratulations!"
    Diane Pigeon, Realtor, Groupe Sutton Elite

    " I've just tried your new system. It's fantastic. I love it! I will definitely talk about this and promote it. Honestly when I heard about Immocontact I said , "yeah another gizmo'' now I admit I am truly impressed.

    Once again congratulations and thank you. "
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  • "It's quick!"
    Louise Brosseau, Secretary, Group Sutton Actuel

    " We use to use Quicktel, now we send messages through Immocontact while we're on the phone with the caller. No more paper! Even better, the message reports are really easy to visit. "
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  • "Immocontact, so many advantages!"
    Claude Allard, Realtor, Re/Max Signature

    Before Immocontact, we were using Quicktel which required it's own phone line. Thanks to Immocontact, the dedicated line for Quicktel is no longer necessary, because Immocontact is accessible via the internet, this brings with it so many advantages: an accelerated time sending delay; sending a message simultaneously to several people, and better accessibility (Immocontact can be accessed no matter where you are, because it's web-based).

    Further more, Immocontact allows for the sending group messages. Another major advantage with Immocontact, is the possibility of managing sent messages. All messages are saved for up to 2 months in the system, that proves to be very useful when we need to retrace a lost message
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  • "It's time saving for us!"
    Caroline Chouinard, secretary, Sutton Group Actuel

    " It's user friendly, and sending messages is very quick. Agents are using Immocontact more and more and that allows for secretaries to have more time to handle other tasks. The group message feature is fantastic ! "
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  • "What an amazing time saver!"
    Krista Suchar, MacDonald Realty Kelowna.

    "My sellers are loving the instant and accurate feedback. Thank you for enhancing my efficiency."
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  • "Immocontact is fantastic!"
    Debby Berenhaut *, Royal LePage Prime Winnipeg

    "Tech support is fantastic as well (when needed)."
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  • "I love when technology is not only very useful, but also very user friendly!"
    Marc Goldberg, Maximum Realty Ltd.

    " I had to try things out as soon as possible. I have not only requested showings, but also have sent an 'info only'message to some agents in our company to see how things were working. The results have been even better than I had hoped for!

    Not only did my fellow Maximum Realty agents respond, but they did so within about 3 minutes of me sending out my messages from Immocontact. I love when technology is not only very useful, but also is very user friendly.

    I'm the tech guy (I teach MLXchange and other Real Estate programs to our agents), and I want to tell you, those agents whom I've reviewed Tourchbase to, and showed them some of the wonderful tools and abilities of the program to were very excited to get going with Immocontact.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you some of our early experiences and I can't wait until every agent in Winnipeg gets their profile on line with Immocontact. Marc Goldberg, Maximum Realty Ltd."
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