- Immocontact and real estate agents
- Immocontact and secretaries and office staff
- Immocontact and brokers and directors
  • Immocontact
    Immocontact is an extremely powerful communication management tool. It was created to meet the needs of real estate agents and the members of our partner Real Estate Boards. The original idea for this service came through identifying common problems: real estate agents are constantly on the road and must continuously communicate amongst themselves and with their office in an easy, effective way.

    This communicating is often done by telephone, through a secretary, a call centre or via voice mail. All these methods have some inconveniences : high costs, waiting on hold, a delay in transmitting messages, risk of errors, inefficiency, etc. Immocontact solves all these problems by offering lasting, innovative solutions as well as new features.
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  • Immocontact and real estate agents
    Immocontact enables you to communicate with another agent (a member of a partner Real Estate Board) with the tool of your choice. You don't have to know any phone numbers to join the agent, you don't have to know which office he/she works for and you don't even have even to know the agent's exact name (Immocontact allows you to search, thanks to its partnership with your real estate board) the message that you wish to transmit will reach him/her without any delay on either a pager, a cell phone, a blackberry or an e-mail!

    If you want to request a showing, all you require is the MLS number for the property and Immocontact will find the listing agent! No MLS number? No problem! Search by house number, by street name or by partial address! Immocontact will then reach the agent and transmit your message without any delay!

    If you are a member of one of our partner real estate boards and you have an Internet connection, you are ready to use Immocontact! Immocontact keeps a copy of each message you send and receive in the Reports section. Immocontact can automatically send your messages to your replacement when you are away. . . Immocontact is filled with useful features and functions!

    Immocontact can be directly connected to your MLS system, thus allowing you to carry out your requests even more quickly. For example, since December 2002, Edgar, the MLS system of the Real Estate Board of Greater Montreal, allows you access Immocontact by a simple click of the mouse.
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  • Immocontact and secretaries and office staff
    Immocontact finally allow you to stop using message pads and paging systems! You can re-visit messages in Immocontact directly , the interface was created to be user-friendly and accessible. Immocontact takes care of sending messages to agents and preserves them for later consultation, by you or by agents themselves.

    You can access reports when you wish, program new pagers and cell phones, program duty lists, program replacements ahead of time, send group messages to the whole office, and manage office staff quickly and easily.

    If a customer calls the office and he only has an address and he does not know the listing agents name, it's no problem! Immocontact, thanks to its partnership with your real estate board, can search via partial address or MLS number and send the message to the corresponding listing agent!
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  • Immocontact and brokers and directors
    Immocontact can allow you to save time, energy and best of all, money! With Immocontact there's no need for phone lines for paging systems, no more taking of messages with a pad and paper.

    And why spend hundreds of dollars per month for a call centre for evenings and weekends when agents can communicate between themselves via Immocontact? Real estate agents devote approximately 10 to 20% of their time to communicating with other agents.

    Why not take this time and use it for advising customers, visiting properties, recruit new customers or. to play golf!
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